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Luxury capsule hotel: First Cabin

Sleeping in one of the hotels of First Cabin is as luxurious as you can get, at least in the capsule hotel category. If you are not familiar with capsule hotels; those are hotels, where you can get a small sleeping space (capsule) that is just about enough to fit your body. Capsule hotels are great for budget travelers in Japan, as you can find them in many places and the rates are about 3,000-5,000 yen per night. You do have to deal with a lack of privacy (as the capsules cannot be locked), use a communal bath room, and to be able to fall asleep in tight spaces. If you are slightly claustrophobic like me, you might want to consider the First Cabin hotels. They have larger sleeping spaces decorated in the same style as the cabin of an airplane, hence the name First Cabin.

You can choose between two kinds of cabins: First Class cabin (4.4 m²) and Business Class cabin (2.5 m²). Everyone sleeps in their own individual cabin and men and women are divided in two separate sleeping areas, bu…