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Japanese, luxury travel busses

I have always visited cities in Japan with the shinkansen, but I have seen signs of long distance buses around touristy areas before. For instance, when I was in Hakone, I saw a bus that could take me directly to Shinjuku. That is very impressive as it takes about an hour with a high-speed train. Because I easily get carsick, I never considered this option.

But recently, I discovered that the buses can have more comfort than I could ever imagine. Take for instance, the seats in the buses from Willer Express, they have fully reclining chairs (up to 142°!) with a cocoon like partition, special ladies-only seats with leg rests that have a built in foot massager and heating + a Sharp Plasma cluster air purifier on board, a hood attached to the top of the seat that gives you privacy, while you sleep, and a personal monitor for entertainment and games at the back of the seat in front of you. It has started to become comparable to an airplane without the discomfort that you might get from th…